Eyes-Road, which uses


Which uses ?

An EDI translation platform, we can receive, translate and send all types of electronic messages (orders, delivery slips and invoices).

Eyes-Road, useful to whom


Useful to whom ?

You are an optics professional, a contact lenses laboratory, a frames manufacturer, a retail chain, a distributor or even a software publisher, adopt our solution !

Eyes-Road, and your catalogues


And your catalogues ?

Do you have electronic catalogues to distribute? Our platform will let you do this operation in a few clicks and with complete security to 8,000 optics shops.


Since 2002, the Eyes-Road European Economic Interest Group brings together the main players in the Optics market in Europe, including distributors, software publishers and manufacturers.

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Today I work with EDI to save time. Before I used the Internet to place my frame orders, but it took me 2 to 3 minutes per transaction. Now, it only takes me a few seconds; the steps are easier. I use EDI everyday for lenses …

The reliability of the Eyes-Road platform for transferring orders lets us focus on value added services. The distribution of catalogues is an exemplary ability. It replaces numerous direct exchanges with opticians by a central distribution point …

Eyes-Road makes it possible for manufacturers and software publishers to have just one contact for everything concerning EDI flows, which continue to increase in the optics market. Furthermore, this lets us meet regularly …

I have used the EDI platform for approximately three years and I have seen gradual improvements, especially with regard to catalogue updates. First and foremost, I like the timesavings the system provides for orders, …

Novisia joined the Eyes-Road European Economic Interest Group six years ago to ensure the continuity of EDI flows for an optician that was changing software. It goes without saying, since a long time, that it is no longer the only one …

The EDI platform has become an essential tool in my daily professional life. Sending lens orders directly to the plant is an appreciable timesaving and reduces the room for errors caused by oral orders …

Eyes-Road Encounters at Silmo 2014

On Septembre 28, during Silmo, the EEIG Eyes-Road gathers the optical professionals (press, manufacturers, central purchasing, software publishers …) on the occasion of these second Encounters.

For the first time, the EEIG Eyes-Road has associated with this event opticians interested and engaged in the EDI from their stores. The following topics were discussed:

● What was the development of EDI in optics,

● The role of Eyes-Road in this development,

● Information and communication regarding the deployment of EDI in stores and perspectives it opens for opticians …

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